I now am a bit of an Arctic monkeys fan.
Any suggestions to listen to?

Here are my favourites by album
WPSIATWIN: Mardy Bum, I Bet a You Look Good…, Certain Romance
FWN: Fluorescent Adolescent, Teddy Picker, 505
Humbug: Crying Lightning, Secret Door, Cornerstone, Damce Little Liar
SIAS: Reckless Serenade, Suck it and See, That’s Where Your Wrong, She Thunderstorms
AM: Snap out of it, r u mine, knee socks

Hope this helps

How religion is holding back society…

Im living in the 21st century, attending school in hopes to become successful in the future, and have a good life. I have done and continue to do this without the use of religion or the concept of an existing “God”. Before I continue, I do not think lesser of anyone who does believe in a “God” or a similar figure, as it is a custom in the majority of North American or most homes in general. Everyone is a product of the environment that they are raised in, and that is a fact that no-one can argue. How than, do people not see a coincidence with the fact that the majority of Muslim’s happen to be raised in Muslim countries or households, and the majority of Catholic’s are raised in Catholic countries or households, and so on. If one’s religion is merely a product of geography, than how does one take any true pride or conviction in their religion when the only reason they label themselves as any certain religion is because they were raised within that particular belief system. The fact that people can’t think outside of what they were “raised in” is an essential issue to the advancement of society. People need to be able to form their own opinion of issues without their parents, teachers or elders beliefs impacting their own. 

I see a direct correlation between religion and the religions that invented the Gods that you may choose to believe in. Ive talked to people who say, “I believe in God, but I don’t necessarily follow or identify with a certain religion”. If you find no truth and can see the errors in the bible, such as stories written hundreds of years after the death of Jesus, than I don’t see any reason to believe in the God that this book testifies to. The Bible is a collection of scriptures which are written by the same people that we say lived in a backwards society, and yet their are people who literally take these writings literally. 

Their may be something more than us, but the God of the bible, Allah of the Quran, Yaweh and every other mythological entity created to answer the questions we cant answer, is not the right path. Be humble, and claim ignorance of things that are unknown; I don’t know.

"That’s not a skirt girl, thats a sawn off shotgun; and I can only hope you’ve got it aimed at me."

Suck It and See - Arctic Monkeys

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I feel as fucking useless as a white fucking crayon


u just gotta find someone who prefers black paper my friend

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I like to flatter myself by thinking its not necessary to wipe after using the bathroom.

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this game was banned in my school because people would just play it over and over again in the library 

motherfuckin thank you

this would be really fucking cool if my arrow keys would fucking work. 


Highscore at 507435.

Highscore at 954825.

Found a way to cheat, actually. :P


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